Call for proposals: Karachi Biennale residency 2017

Karachi Biennale residency opportunity

Vasl Artists’ Collective and the Karachi Biennale Curatorial Team invite artists to send us their proposals for the First Karachi Biennale, for which the thematic focus is ‘Witness‘;

“wit-ness / ‘witnis / n. 1 a person who sees an event take place.

2 a person giving sworn evidence to a court of law or the police.

3 a person who is present at the signing of a document and signs it themselves to confirm this.

v. 1 be a witness to an event.

2 be the place or period in which an event takes place.”


Successful applicants will participate in the 2017 Karachi Biennale Artists’ Residency in collaboration with Vasl Artists’ Collective and will work to complete their project in time for the biennale which will be held from
October 21st to November 5th, 2017 in Karachi. The deadline for proposals is Sunday the 30th April. For further details and to apply click here.






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