Riverside Artists Group

RAG 50 x 40 installation

Riverside Artists Group 50×40

Riverside Artists Group was formed in 1986 at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. Its raison d’être is to support and promote practicing visual artists based in West London.

The criteria for this exhibition was of one new work measuring 50x40cm. There was no given theme for the show. The result has a feeling of integrity, while displaying a diversity of styles and media.Using paint, collage, photography and other materials, the artists reveal their view of life. In different styles and with different starting points the exhibition shows how we perceive our society and acknowledges the state of our world. These are original works that allow the viewer the opportunity to understand, appreciate and enjoy.

RAG 50 x 40 installation
RAG 50 x 40 private view
Private view
Heather Gordon 'Spatchcocked'
Heather Gordon ‘Spatchcocked’

Riverside Artists Group is run by its artists. It provides a network to exchange ideas and information. Since its creation, the group has organised many exhibitions in public and commercial spaces, and has instigated projects in the UK and abroad. In the group there is tolerance, through an acceptance of difference, that allows individuality to flourish. Many of the group’s exhibitions have been self-selected leaving it up to the artist to take responsibility for what they show.

Recent shows include

2013 Stars in Your Eyes, at the Institute of Physics, London

2012 40×40, RiversideStudios Gallery

2012 Shorelines, Castro Urdiales, Spain

2012 Fusion, London at the Institute of Physics, London

2011 40×40, Riversidestudios Gallery

2011 Then and Now, Ourense, Spain

2010 Voices from London, 6th Songzhuang Culture & Art Festival, Beijing, China

More shows are currently being organised, so visit our site regularly for the latest information.



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